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The below template email explains how local organizations can add thier profile to the site. Agencies funded by the Pike United Way are also required to be posted on beginning with allocations in 2006.

Feel free to send the below email to an organization you think should be listed on the site. Please only send the request to organizations than will meet the posting criteria (below). 

The Pike United Way Office and Committee Chairperson should be cc:d for informaitonal purposes. Please contact the Pike United Way if you need further assistance.

To: <ADD>


CC: <United Way Office>, <Barbara Tarquinio> and <Robert Veneziale>

Subject: Invitation to List on -- United Way of Pike County

This is an invitation to list your organization or program on, a FREE on-line community service directory provided by the United Way of Pike County. Go to and select the "How to become a member" on the horizontal blue bar under the site logo. Create a username/password and then fill in the profile form. Your profile will be reviewed and then approved for posting.

HTML editing is NOT required but allowed in some fields such as the agency description. For those inexperienced but willing to try some simple formatting (e.g., boldface), please refer to the following site

Below is more information about -

A comprehensive on-line database of government, nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations that:

  • Provide human, health, public, community or other essential services 
  • Provide free, subsidized or not-for-profit services 
  • Support Pike County residents

Other organizations that support Pike County are listed if they provide essential or commonly sought services by county residents.

Visit the Pike County Information and Referral System webpage for more details -

Please direct any questions to the United Way of Pike County at the below.

United Way of Pike County
Mail: PO Box 806 Milford PA 18337
Office: 105 West George Street Milford PA 18337
(888) 306-6963 or (570) 296-9980 / Fax (570) 296-5571

Thank you,

Volunteer, Pike County Information & Referral System
United Way of Pike County