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Funds are Used to Support Efforts Right Here in Pike County

Pike United Way Funds Provide a Helping Hand...

The Pike United Way provides funding to various Human Service Agencies who in-turn help and fund our community members in need or crisis. The United Way of Pike County will fund agencies outside of Pike County only if the funds are used to support services and efforts in the Pike County. There are many facts, figures and stories about how these funds help people and make a difference in our community.

Below are just some highlights from previous years:

  • A former client told Safe Haven, "I had no self-esteem and felt ashamed of myself and my body. You gave me the understanding that what happened to me was not my fault. I'm going to college now; something I couldn't do before because I didn't want other people to see me."
  • The Center for Developmental Disabilities of Pike County was able to provide educational, therapeutic and behavioral services to over 120 children with developmental disabilities and their families.
  • The American Red Cross provided assistance to 5 families with 13 adults and 8 children in Pike County that suffered single family fires and lost their home and belongings.
  • A client of GAIT wrote the Pike United Way and said "It's a wonderful experience to share some of the problems I have in raising two handicapped children with others. Its great to have a network of people to understand and help you through some of the things we all share."
Since 2000, the Pike United Way has allocated a total of $1,000,000. to various organizations to support human services needs and programs exclusively in Pike County.

Pike United Way Initatives Impact the Community

In addition to allocating funds, the Pike United Way is also a primary service provider for various human services programs in the county which have a direct impact in our community.

Here is a list of our primary impact areas and programs.

Day of Caring

An annual, community event rallying a couple hundred volunteers to complete hands-on projects to benefit nonprofit agencies and their clients in Pike County. Individuals from the community and teams from local businesses and organizations give time and services for this one-day event with long-lasting impact throughout our community. The Pike United Way started the Day of Caring in 2001. This event is also supported by Delaware Valley Schools, Pike County Commissioners, Pike County Chamber of Commerce, Dime Bank, Woodloch, PP&L, American Red Cross- Wayne/Pike Chapter, Pike County Public Library and many local businesses and organizations.

The 11th Annual Day of Caring is in September, 2011.

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For the Day of Caring in 2014, a total of 336 volunteers helped many local  nonprofit and human services agencies.


9/11 Memorial Blood Drive

An annual event to memorialize the victims and survivors of 9/11 by giving blood, the Gift of Life, to others in need. Each pint of blood helps about 3 patients.  The Memorial Blood Drive started in 2003 as an initiative of the Pike United Way and is part of our Day of Caring. This event is also supported by the American Red Cross, Pike County Public Library, Delaware Valley Schools, Wallenpaupack Area High School, Pike County Commissioners, Pike County Chamber of Commerce, Dime Bank, Woodloch, PP&L and many local businesses and organizations.

The 9th Annual 9/11 Memorial Blood Drive is during the Day of Caring in September, 2011.

Red Cross Blood Drive Schedule

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The 9/11 Blood Drives in 2013 collected blood from 85 donors which heled 255 patients. Since 2003, the blood drive has collected a total of 763 usable pints of blood to date and this has helped over 2,289 patients. 
Pike County Information & Referral System -
The Information and Referral System is a program of the Pike United Way and works to develop information & referral system infrastructure in the county to assist residents in finding the essential human and community services that are available to them. This county wide Information and Referral System was developed and implemented and maintainted by Executive Director, Catherine Capasso from 2007 through 2014. The Pike County Human Development Office now handles all Information and Referral for Pike County and can be contacted at 570-296-3434.
The program includes - a FREE comprehensive on-line database of government, nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations that provide human, health, public, community or other essential services to Pike County residents. The website also includes a listing a volunteer and job opportunities and a community calendar of events. The website was launched in August 2003.
The Community Services Directory is a printed version of the database and it can be download here. The Directory was provided to schools, county agencies, libraries, most churches and other organizations.
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There are over 12,200 visitors and 8,900 page views a year on helping people find needed services in the county and helping other agencies refer their cleints to other services.
Pike County Community Ramp Fund
A fund initiated in August 2002 by a partnership between the Pike United Way, Habitat for Humanity, the Lords Valley Rotary Club and a local anonymous donor as a way to get wheelchair ramps to people who need them in Pike County. People who get the ramps promise to pay the fund back, as best they can, so there will always be enough money in the fund for the next person in need. A ramp seems like a small thing but it brings freedom to those that need them. Applicants are referred to Habitat for Humanity of Pike County.
Partnered Programs with Local Corporations and Organizations (e.g., Holiday Food Drive)